DAIE is a team specialized in the design, development and management services for structural engineering projects.


DAIE began its journey on September 2011, when three engineers from OTEP International left the company to create a new professional group that was able to provide a service, in a flexible and competent manner, in the civil and structural engineering sector.

The experience acquired during our more than twenty years of professional life, and the diversity of places we have worked around the world, makes us unique in the kind of personal attention we can provide to the requirements of our clients, during the conceptual, production and execution phases of the structural elements of construction.


Working in the current state of financial crisis, DAIE has mainly strengthened two sectors of its operation:


- International projects, due to our singular capacity to interpret and apply international regulations, as well as the experience accrued in collaboration with local Engineering groups in different parts of the world;

- Refurbishment projects, a sector that’s always in demand; the experience of our department of pathology in multiple cases of alteration and structural modification of existing buildings at services of our clients.


It is worth pointing out that DAIE is constantly willing to collaborate with Foundations and Humanitarian Organizations in the development of Solidarity Projects.

“We have always thought that design comes first, and analysis afterward… Both are essential, but in the correct order”